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Cuba: Explore & Color with Colorful Havana

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Havana, Cuba TBC from $1,950


Explore the colors of Cuba and Support the Cuban People through the lens of Colorful Havana Explore & Color coloring book and travel guide, created by Colorful Cities.  This trip is fun for kids and adults alike, and for those wanting more of a challenge, we have included a scavenger hunt based on the coloring books’ illustrations!!

Known for its colonial charm, diverse art scene, and thriving biodiversity, this Caribbean nation has become the destination to visit for travelers of all ages. Exploring Cuba through the lens of the coloring book as a travel guide, you will discover many of Havana's colorful locations, including 9 of the Cuba's UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as explore the colonial cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos. 

On this trip, you will learn from authentic interactions with Cubans from many walks of life who are passionate about music, dance, visual arts, baseball, and cars, who are happy to share their talents with visitors.   

This trip is in compliance with the U.S. travel requirements under §515.574  general license to Support the Cuban People and provide humanitarian support. 

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Colorful Havana - Explore & Color

Location : Cuba

The bustling streets of Havana are a feast for the eyes of all ages. Explorers young and older can reflect on what they see by coloring pages from your own personal copy of Colorful Havana - Explore & Color - a travel guide and coloring book. Each of the book's 30 illustrations include an index with descriptions that are both English and Spanish, so it is great for both native Spanish speakers or those that are learning the language!

Global Family Travels

Much more than a traditional tour operator, Global Family Travels’ mission is to “Learn, Serve and Immerse” through community-based travel programs.  In partnership with non-profit organizations and schools, we offer family-friendly and sustainable travel experiences in support of education, gender equality, access to clean water, preservation of local cultures, conservation and economic growth, all of which foster cross-cultural understanding and global citizens.  

Our trips include a unique mix of cultural and educational activities, homestays and participation in local service projects aimed at improving the lives of people in the communities we visit.    
Expect to expand your family circle when you embark on a Global Family Travels trip!  Visit our website for more information: Global Family Travels

About Colorful Cities

Colorful Cities creates and publishes travel guides and coloring books for vibrant cities around the world in the "Explore & Color" book series.

Our books inspire exploration of cities beyond the famous landmarks - whether out in the world or coloring from home. A navigable city map, location descriptions and whimsical illustrations make itinerary planning a snap. With printing on one side (to reduce nasty marker bleed) and perforation at the top, black and white illustrations easily become colorful artwork.

All our products are 100% created and printed in the USA. Colorful Cities is a bronze winner of the 2016 Independent Publishers Book Award in the travel and guidebook category.

Virtuoso Travel says it best, "Part travel guide, part coloring book = total fun!"

Colorful Havana Map & Scavenger Hunt

Location : Cuba

Each day of your trip includes opportunities for your whole family to find items on our Colorful Havana - Scavenger Hunt. With the help of your guide, see if you can spot:

  • A Guiro (percussion instrument) being played on the streets of Old Havana
  • A taxi which looks like a coconut 
  • A plaintain at a farmers market in Trinidad

Fun for the whole family while learning about the history and traditions of the Cuban people!

Giganteria Cuba

Location : Havana, Cuba

Since 2000, a community of friends and independent artists have performed in the streets and squares of Havana with the theatre program Giganteria, exploring the traditions and cultural practices of those who inhabit their community. Perhaps what makes their presentations the most unique is their blend of live music, giant dolls, living statues, juggling and more.

Las Terrazas

Considered to be the first Eco-Museum of Cuba, Las Terrazas is a pioneering ecovillage dating back to a reforestation project which began in 1968. Today it’s a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, as well as the site of the earliest coffee plantations in Cuba

Akokán Los Pocitos

The community project Akokán Los Pocitos is the unofficial neighborhood serving as the center of the Abakua culture. "Akokán" translated from Yoruba - an African language used by the community for their religious practices - means "heart". This heart can be seen in the project's efforts to improve the locals' quality of life through community development and promotion of heritage, identity and the environment. (See more in blog post written by client who went traveled with Global Family Travels a few years ago)



Location : Havana, Cuba

A vibrant puzzle of music and culture sitting amidst colonial-era reconstruction takes you back to a time of glamour. It's authenticity and history are set amongst a backdrop of impressive and energizing color.

La Alegria de Vivir ("Joy of Living")

Visit this art-installation by local artist Jose Fuster and the community project La Alegria de Vivir - Joy of Living. What started as a way for Fuster to bring color to his homes' exterior, has now become a sprawling street-art extravaganza covering several suburban blocks.


Location : Trinidad, Cuba

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was originally a Spanish colony in the 16th century which profited from the nearby sugar plantations. Its wealth has kept it well-preserved with its cobblestone streets lined with vibrantly colored homes and colonial mansions.

La Peche Fisherman Project

Location : Cienfuegos, Cuba

Created by members of the Castillo-Perche fishing community, this project displays local fishing gear while encouraging viewers to do their part to protect coastal areas. It also makes an effort to promote the creation, appreciation and conservation of fisheries as a valuable part of the local heritage and space to educate future generations.


Location : Cienfuegos, Cuba

A city on the south-central coast, it rose to prominence as a trading hub for agricultural products - namely sugar cane, coffee and tobacco. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city's French colonial roots and Spanish influence resonate through the architecture. Enjoy a walk through traditional shopping streets leading to the towns' central square where you'll find the Ferrer Palace with a cupola that offers the best views of the city.

Havana, Cuba
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