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Immerse in Iceland's Dynamic Geology and Changing Climate: A Transformative Trip

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Global Family Travels is excited to bring you this enriching experience to immerse in Iceland’s arctic landscape to witness the island’s geothermal and volcanic activity, gorgeous landscapes, wildlife, and culture that make it such a unique destination. With an expert guide at your side, you will learn how climate change has affected Iceland’s geography and wildlife, witnessing how nature reacts to the retreat of a glacier and volcano eruptions, as well as learn how the changing ocean temperatures have threatened some of the local wildlife.  

Read our blog about this trip and access our informational webinar to learn all about the details of this impactful adventure!

Global Family Travels is mitigating our impact on the planet by partnering with Sustainable Travel International to offset the carbon emissions generated on this Iceland trip.  

This trip is family-friendly and is designed for small group travel. Contact us for specific pricing for your party. 

A Transformative Trip to Inspire Climate Action

Join us on a family-friendly adventure in Iceland that will have you immersed in living science, giving you opportunities to explore the beauty of this ever-changing landscape and learn firsthand about Iceland’s geothermal and volcanic activity, as well as how Iceland has harnessed its natural resources

Climate change is already affecting every inhabited region across the globe with human influence contributing to many observed changes in weather and climate extremes. Iceland is no exception and, with an expert guide at your side, you will learn how climate change has affected Iceland’s geography and wildlife, witnessing how nature reacts to the retreat of a glacier and volcano eruptions, as well as learn how the changing ocean temperatures have threatened some of the local wildlife.  By the time you leave Iceland you will truly know the impacts of climate change and how to treat the environment in a sustainable way and hopefully have some ideas about what you personally can do to minimize your impact and help mitigate climate change. It is not too late for us to slow down the process and allow nature to adapt. Even planting trees in a local or garden helps or sharing with others what you learned on this inspiring geological journey!

Capacity and Trip Cost: Capacity and pricing for this full trip package is based on a family of four people with two adults and two children. Discounts may apply for younger children and surcharges may apply for older children. There is an optional upgrade for the helicopter volcano tour. For more information, please click on the "$ Costs" button at the top of the page.   

Global Family Travels

Global Family Travels' vision is to unite humanity and inspire travelers to take responsibility for the challenges and opportunities facing our increasingly inter-connected planet.   Much more than a traditional tour operator, Global Family Travels’ mission is to provide authentic community-based “Learn, Serve and Immerse” travel experiences, as means to foster cross-cultural understanding and better global citizens.

Using tourism to help solve community challenges, we organize sustainable travel experiences in partnership with local and global non-profit organizations.  Our local Seattle Community tours and global trips often support of many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including education, access to clean water, conservation, gender equality, and the preservation of diverse and indigenous cultures.  
Expect to Expand your Family Circle when you embark on a Global Family Travels trip! Visit our website for more information.  

Learning Themes of this Adventure

  • Learn about Iceland’s volcanic activity and geothermal history. This is science and history merged into one in the rawest way imaginable, as you see lava pouring over ice. 
  • While walking and riding snow mobiles across sea level glaciers, you will explore their features and learn how they provide the best historical indicators for how the environment with rising worldwide temperatures. 
  • Witness whales in their natural habitat at a respectful distance and learn how the whale watching industry is combating the whaling hunting fleet
  • Learn about the natural habitats of these puffins, whose population has dropped by 20% since the start of the century due to changing ocean temperatures placing them on the vulnerable species list. 
  • Enjoy a meal in a geothermal greenhouse and learn how affordable and effective this abundant energy source can feed a nation. 
  • Learn all about how Iceland has harnessed its natural resources and how it has gone from being heavily reliant on oil import to being a heavily renewable energy use country

About Reykjavik

As the world’s most northerly capital, Reykjavik has recently become a popular little city, it is clean, green and compact. With a progressive culinary scene, museums, surprisingly lively nightlife (during non-pandemic times that is) and a hint of Nordic cool, this city has unique personality despite the cold. It’s easy to navigate and the best spots are all more or less within walking distance from one another. 

We recommend taking your time as you get between places, but if you are in a rush to get to the bar before happy hour is over, you can hop on one of the city’s electric scooters from Hopp or Wind and quickly make your way to the next destination. To learn about all the wonderful spots around the country you can check out Hidden Iceland's Complete Guide to Reykjavík.

Whale Watching & Puffin Boat Tour (children ages 10 & older)

On this whale watching tour right from the harbor of Reykjavík, we will spend 2 hours out on the open water searching for whales (Minimum age: 10 years old). If your little ones are too young, then we will swap this zodiac tour for a more stable classic whale watching tour. Just let us know! 

Super Jeeps & Snowmobiling on Vatnajökull Glacier

Imagine riding a snowmobile on Europe’s largest ice cap! Snowmobiling on a glacier home to several volcanoes and Iceland's highest peak is sure ignite your senses with amazingly unreal landscapes. To get to the snowmobiling location, you’ll also take another unique form of transportation in “Super Jeeps,” which are heavy duty vehicles equipped to drive in thick snow.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

The tranquil glacier lagoon, with its building sized icebergs, is a stark reminder that climate change is all too real here in Iceland. This 5-mile-long lagoon was a full-blown glacier 50 years ago. Now it is a deep lagoon teeming with fish, birdlife and seals. This just goes to show that life will take advantage of the changes occurring around us whenever possible.

Erupting Volcano near Reykjavik

On Friday, the 19th of March 2021, a volcanic eruption began in the Reykjanes Peninsula, just a short drive from Reykjavík city. It’s the first time in almost 800 years Iceland has had an eruption in this area. You will hike to see the volcano oozing lava, and forming new land right before your eyes. A truly once in a lifetime experience! 

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most famous outdoor spa that boasts picture perfect scenery and radiant powers of geothermal seawater. Relaxation and rejuvenation take center stage in this unforgettable experience. Global Family Travels guests will receive premium admission to the Blue Lagoon, which includes mud masks, towels, a complementary drink, slippers, and bathrobes. (Children under the age of 8 years old must wear floaties.)

Alternative Activity Options for Younger Children

Families with younger children need not worry, we have alternate activities available suitable for younger children that include: 

  • Reykjavik: Replace the zodiac-style boat for children under 10 years old with a classic whale watching tour on a more stable whale watching boat. 
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: Replace the zodiac boat tour for children under 6 years old with a tranquil yet equally impressive Amphibian Boat tour. 
  • Falljökull Glacier: Replace the glacier hike for children under 10 years old with a nature walk to the impressive Svartifoss Waterfall for spectacular views. 
  • Westman Islands: Replace the 1-hour RIB boat ride for children under 6 years old with a short boat ride to view rescued Beluga whales. 

Logistics (Safety, Transportation, Etc.)

Transportation: Participants will be escorted in a new and spacious Mercedes Benz vehicle according to the size of the group. Depending on COVID-19 rules at the time of travel, guests may be required to wear masks in the vehicle.  

Safety: All Hidden Iceland guides are part of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides, Wilderness First Responders and hold Hard Ice Qualifications (Jöklar 2) which includes terrain management and suitable guiding practices in these environments to keep travelers safe.  

Pack List: A packing list will be provided to participants prior approximately 2 weeks prior to trip departure.

About Hidden Iceland

Global Family Travels has expanded our family circle to partner with Hidden Iceland, a boutique travel company specializing in small group adventures with personalized service. We have chosen to work with Hidden Iceland because of their love and care for the environment, and enduring climate change initiatives which you will learn more about on this adventure as well as in this article (also in our pre-departure packet), written by Hidden Iceland’s Founder, Ryan: 

Hiking Iceland’s Glaciers: An Opportunity to Talk about Climate Change Effects

Learn about how Hidden Iceland set out to create trips around Iceland that we’d be proud and excited to take our friends and family on. This means they find the best and sometimes hidden sights across Iceland. Their aim is to make you feel like you are travelling with a small group of friends, seeking out the magic of Iceland.

Reducing Environmental Impacts with Hidden Iceland  Hidden Iceland tours are carbon neutral and they recently gained Gold status as an Environmental Leader in Iceland. Investing in wind farms and energy efficient water filters and other renewable energies around the world was their starting point, and the fuel they use for their cars is donated to the Icelandic Wetland Fund, which is considered to be one of the quickest and best ways to sequester carbon. 

About Your Hidden Iceland Guide

The founders of Hidden Iceland created the company with the belief that a passionate and experienced guide can transform a well-crafted tour into something truly unforgettable. This ethos has given Hidden Iceland a trusted and reliable reputation in the guiding community.  

Our Hidden Iceland guides are experts in the environment that they guide. This comes from years of experience working in the field as well as various qualifications and in-house training as dictated by our Safety & Environmental Policy. All our wilderness guides are part of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides, Wilderness First Responders and hold Hard Ice Qualifications (Jöklar 2) which includes terrain management and suitable guiding practices in these environments. All guides at Hidden Iceland are trained in environmental protection as part of their work with Hidden Iceland and are acutely aware of Hidden Iceland's Environmental Strategy which includes minimizing impact, educating clients and adhering to stringent rules endorsed by the Vakinn Quality & Environmental body. In April 2021, Hidden Iceland received the highest rating in environmental and sustainable practice (Gold Class). As part of this accreditation, it is an important factor that the guides running the trip share best practices, discuss environmental impact and use the terrain as examples of a changing climate. 

About Sustainable Travel International

Global Family Travels has partnered with Sustainable Travel International (STI) to provide carbon-offsetting for all of our guests' flights between the USA and Iceland, which is already included in the cost of your trip.  Through this partnership, we will support projects that reduce carbon pollution by protecting and restoring forest ecosystems, generating clean energy, or increasing energy efficiency. In addition to fighting climate change, Sustainable Travel International's offset projects also provide meaningful benefits for communities and biodiversity such as creating local jobs, protecting indigenous land rights, safeguarding the habitat of endangered species, and bringing clean drinking water to rural families. 


More About Sustainable Travel International

Our Mission

To protect and conserve our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people.

Our Vision

A world where tourism actively contributes to environmental and community well-being.

Our Priorities

  • Safeguard Nature: Conserve the fragile ecosystems that tourism depends on
  • Combat Climate Change: Reduce tourism’s carbon footprint to address the sector’s contribution to climate change
  • Empower Communities: Celebrate local cultures and improve the livelihoods of host communities
  • Tackle Waste & Pollution: Lessen the amount of waste and pollution resulting from tourism

How We Create Change




Transformational Travel Journal

Global Family Travels is a Transformational Travel Council (TTC) designer and we look at every journey, whether it is for a week or a day, as a chance to learn, grow and transform your life.  As part of this journey, we are pleased to provide you with the Transformational Travel Journal.  The journal is designed as a guide to show us how to explore the world (and our backyard) more mindfully, reflect on experiences with a more meaningful perspective, connect with others more intimately, and thereby, foster a more intentional and purpose-driven life. We recommend that you use the journal to document what you are learning during your trip and consider even writing down your intentions for WHY you are taking this journey before you embark on the adventure and what you hope to get out of it.

We also hope that this trip will be a transformative adventure for you and that you will be inspired to take action to help mitigate climate change afterwards, whether it be something small like planting a tree!     We also encourage you to share what you learned with friends and family! 



With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and safety of Global Family Travels and Hidden Iceland’s travelers and guides are of paramount importance.

Iceland is open to fully vaccinated travelers with proof of vaccination, and travelers with proven immunity. Non-vaccinated children do not have to quarantine if travelling with parents that are vaccinated (or have proven immunity). All travelers must pre-register, take a Covid-19 test upon arrival, and must quarantine until receiving a negative result (usually within the day).  Learn more about Iceland's Covid-19 safety requirements.

From July 1, 2021, there is no longer a requirement for arrival testing for passengers vaccinated against COVID-19 or recovered from it.

Please see our COVID-19 SAFETY PROTOCOLS documents, found under the Tasks section, which outlines our commitment to mitigate and manage the risks associated with COVID-19 when you travel with us.

Thank you for helping to keep yourselves, our host community and guides safe!

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