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Zimbabwe Conservation Safari! 2021 Green Season Savings

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Zimbabwe 10 Days , 9 Nights $4105 Adult / $600 Child
JAN 1 - APRIL 30TH; DEC. 1 - 21


Enjoy special 25% off savings and Kids 16 & Under stay for free during this departure!

Journey with Global Family Travels to Zimbabwe, where you will be immersed in the natural wonders and spectacular views of Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River,  and Batoka Gorge.  Learn about the history of Safari, while discovering the extraordinary wildlife thriving in the Hwange and Zambezi National Parks.   Located in southeastern Africa, Zimbabwe is known for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, several UNESCO World Heritage sites, and serene, crowd-free, and abundant wildlife parks. 

While on this adventure you will learn about one of the rarest species on the African continent, the African Painted Dog!  And engage with local youth during a literacy and soccer exchange.  

TRIP HIGHLIGHTS are below, click on ITINERARY to see all the details.

Global Family Travels

Location : Zimbabue

Much more than a traditional tour operator, Global Family Travels’ mission is to “Learn, Serve and Immerse” through community-based travel programs.  In partnership with non-profit organizations and schools, we offer family-friendly and sustainable travel experiences in support of education, gender equality, access to clean water, preservation of local cultures, conservation and economic growth, all of which foster cross-cultural understanding and global citizens.  

Our trips include a unique mix of cultural and educational activities, homestays and participation in local service projects aimed at improving the lives of people in the communities we visit.    
Expect to expand your family circle when you embark on a Global Family Travels trip!  Visit our website for more information Global Family Travels.

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LEARN: Wildlife and Ecosystems of Zimbabwe's World Heritage Sites, and National Parks

Location : Zimbabwe

We prepare our travelers for this adventure with a pre-trip orientation which includes information on the culture and history of Zimbabwe, and helpful words and phrases, and tips on cultural “do’s & don’ts.” 

Other learning elements on this trip include:

  • The wildlife and ecosystems of Zimbabwe’s World Heritage sites and National Parks including Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, Bakota Gorge, Hwange National Park, and Zambezi National Park.
  • View and study the rarest species on the continent of Africa, the Painted Dog (a.k.a African Wild Dog) near Victoria Falls, and in Zambezi National Park.
  • History and cultural traditions of Zimbabwe’s people including the Shona and Ndebele ethnic groups.
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SERVE: Conservation of the Painted Dog

Location : Zimbabwe

Engage in the opportunity to view and study the rarest species on the continent of Africa, the Painted Dog (a.k.a African Wild Dog) near Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, and  Zambezi National Park.

Participate in projects that benefit the conservation of the African Painted Dog, and the education of the children from the Tegwani Trust Primary School with the Painted Dog Research Trust Center in Szinda, Zimbabwe. 

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Immerse: Chisuma & Ngyunyana Village

Location : Zimbabwe

In addition to being immersed in the natural beauty of Zimbabwe, we offer opportunities for you to meet and interact with local communities around Chisuma Village nearby Victoria Falls, and in Ngunyana Village just outside of Hwange National Park.

Experience the local culture by meeting with the Village Chief and his family in Ngunyana, and visit and interact with children during classes at the Ngamo School. Engaging with the locals, and your safari guides who come from these villages will help you to gain an understanding of the positive and sustainable impact that tourism has on the local communities that neighbor Hwange National Park.

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Arrive at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Arrive at Victoria Falls Airport where your Zimbabwean safari experience begins!  Transfer to Gorges Lodge on the edge of the Batoka Gorge, above the mighty Zambezi River.   


  • Arrive at Victoria Falls Airport and transfer to Gorges Lodge
  • Relax at your leisure
  • Dinner

Included: Bed & Dinner

One of the greatest attractions in Africa and one of the “7 Wonders of the World” Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty located almost along the halfway point of the Zambezi River, between Zambia and Zimbabwe.   This UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered to be the world’s largest waterfall, based on its combined width of 5,604 feet and height of 354 feet. 

Also, known as  “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, the smoke that thunders, Victoria Falls can be heard from 25 miles, while it’s columns of spray and mist can be seen as far away as 31 miles.   A path along the edge of the forest provides the visitor prepared to brave the tremendous spray, unparalleled views of the Falls.


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    Overnight at Gorges Lodge

    DAY 1 - 3

    Gorges Lodge has arguably the most spectacular views in Southern Africa and offers a unique Victoria Falls experience from a peaceful and idyllic base on the edge of the Batoka Gorge.   Spend the rest of the day relaxing at your leisure on your balcony overlooking Batoka Gorge,  enjoying the grounds, or hiking the gorge.  A Victoria Falls Canyoning experience can be arranged at an additional cost depending on the time of arrival. 




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    About the Painted Dog

    DAY 2
    Location : Zimbabwe

    Painted Dogs were once common in Africa with estimates of over half a million animals across thirty-nine countries.  Zimbabwe is physically connected to most countries, in which the highly endangered Painted Dog still has viable populations.  As such, it is an important link between packs as individuals disperse.  Though there are thought to be somewhere between 4-6,000 of these animals left in the wild, through the diligent work of Dr. Greg Rasmussen of the Painted Dog Research Trust Zimbabwe, and other individuals, these animals have begun to make a comeback in this country.   

    Painted Dogs are highly social with strong familial bonds. They are one of the few examples of a species that cares for their sick and elderly. Pack members care for injured individuals, bringing them food until they are well enough to travel. Elderly animals stay with the pack and are cared for their entire lives, even after they can no longer hunt. Often, a "doctor" dog is assigned as a caretaker, regurgitating food, cleaning wounds, and caring for pack members until they are strong enough to keep up. 

      Painted dogs are completely in sync with each other and in balance with their environment. Their community is one that humans should strive to emulate. Under natural circumstances, they have everything they need to survive within their pack.  But in today's world, they need help.  Humans are their only real predator and the main threat to their survival. ​ 

    Starting in the 1800s, painted dogs were viewed as vermin and mercilessly hunted. Today, they are extinct in many countries. They cannot defend themselves against habitat loss, road kills, diseases spread by domestic dogs or wire snares set by poachers for bush meat. 


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    Visit and Engage with The Painted Dog Research Trust

    DAY 2
    Location : SZINDA, ZIMBABWE

    Enjoy early morning tea or coffee on your private veranda overlooking the Bakota Gorge followed by a sumptuous breakfast in the main lodge dining. 

    After breakfast, meet your driver and depart for the Painted Dog Research Trust Center, where you will be met by Founder, Dr. Greg Rasmussen, and the Center’s Staff and some graduate students. Here you will spend a full day of Learn, Serve, and Immerse activities that include fieldwork to help benefit the conservation of this rare species. You will also have the opportunity to engage in a project that will benefit the Tegwani Trust Primary School, a first of a kind school with a conservation centric curriculum.

    About the Painted Dog Research Trust, Zimbabwe

    With research as the guiding tool, the Painted Dog Research Trust is dedicated to the conservation of the highly endangered Painted dog also known as the African Wild Dog. This work has been ongoing for 25 years by the founder Dr. Greg Rasmussen, thus making it one of the longest studies into the species. The mission of the Painted dog research trust is to both continue with research into the highly endangered painted Dog and build for the future of conservation by meaningfully incorporating Zimbabwean graduate students to build local capacity and tomorrow's conservationists. Painted Dog Research is based just outside Victoria falls and situated in a landscape mosaic of National parks, forestry, private safari area, and communal lands where it is intended stakeholder benefits will accrue.


    • A full day of Conservation activities with the Painted Dog Research Trust (lunch included)
    • Dinner at Gorges Lodge in the evening for a traditional Zimbabwean 'braai' out under the stars.

    Included: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


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    Chisuma Village Visit & Victoria Falls

    DAY 3

    Embark on an immersive rural visit to the nearby Chisuma Village.   Here you will have a tour of the village and school, where you will have an opportunity to see community initiative projects supported by the lodge.

    Then after lunch, you will depart for Victoria Falls town where you will be taken on a guided tour of Victoria Falls. “The smoke that thunders” remains one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world. This will be followed by curio shopping at the craft village, and then a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River!  On the mighty Zambezi River, you will be treated to views of wildlife in an along the river.  If you’re lucky, this will be your first sighting of Elephants, Hippos, and Crocodiles!     

    After your cruise, return to Gorges Lodge for dinner with the mighty Zambezi rushing below you.



    • Visit to Community School and Village
    • Guided Tour of Victoria Falls
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    About Hwange National Park

    DAY 4

    Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest National Park.  At 5600 square mile area, it supports a mix of habitats, a diverse area that is shared between desert-adapted and woodland species, ensuring large numbers of animals all year round. Hwange boasts a tremendous selection of wildlife with over 100 species of mammals and nearly 400 bird species recorded.  The elephants of Hwange are world-famous and the park's elephant population is one of the largest in the world, they number upward of 45,000 in the park!

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    All Aboard! Ride The Elephant Express Safari to southern Hwange National Park

    DAY 4

    After breakfast, embark by road to the Northern gate of Hwange National Park, and then board 4x4 vehicles for your first Safari! Lunch, drinks, and snacks will be provided en-route. 

    Enjoy game drives and walks, exploring Hwange National Park. Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest National Park.  At 5600 square mile area, it supports a mix of habitats, a diverse area that is shared between desert-adapted and woodland species, ensuring large numbers of animals all year round. Hwange boasts a tremendous selection of wildlife with over 100 species of mammals and nearly 400 bird species recorded. 

    After lunch we will continue on our game drive through northern Hwange to Dete just outside the park. In Dete, you board the one-of-a-kind Elephant Express railcar for a unique and fun game viewing experience down to Camelthorn Lodge, in the southeast corner of Hwange National Park  in the Ngamo plains. 

    Activities Include:

    • Depart for Hwange National Park
    • Morning Game Drive
    • Bush lunch in Hwange National Park
    • Late Afternoon Game Drive aboard the Elephant Express
    • Arrive at Camelthorn Lodge
    • Relax at your leisure, followed by a delectable dinner out under the African sky.

    Included: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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    Overnight at Camelthorn Lodge

    DAY 4 - 6

    Activities Include:

    • ·         Morning Game Drive
    • ·         Bush lunch in Hwange National Park
    • ·         Late Afternoon Game Drive aboard the Elephant Express
    • ·         Dinner at Camelthorn


    Camelthorn is situated in a beautiful indigenous forest on the edge of Hwange National Park and the Ngamo plains, considered among the best game viewing locations in the park. Wake up to the sounds of the African bush while sipping freshly brewed coffee or tea.


    After an early breakfast, head into the park on morning game drives. Return for lunch, followed by late afternoon game drives into Hwange National Park ending up at our unique underground blind at Stoffie’s Pan for sundowners and canapéés and rare moments with nature.  


    Night drive back to the lodge to freshen up and then a delectable dinner out under the African sky.   Followed by coffee, hot chocolate or a nightcap around the campfire, and then fall asleep to the sounds of the African bush around you.

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      Safari! Southern Hwange National Park

      DAY 5

      Enjoy game drives and walks, exploring Hwange National Park, including the famed Nehimba Seep, which is an ancient source of water used by the San Bushmen historically as well as being a place where elephants still dig for water and minerals.


      The elephants of Hwange are world famous and the park’s elephant population is one of the largest in the world.  Hwange is famed for its huge herds of elephants (they number upwards of 45,000 in the park!), but the Ngamo Plain attracts a variety of other animals including wildebeest, buffalo, kudu, waterbuck, and sable too. Predators are regularly spotted, especially lion, jackal, and cheetah.

      Activities include:

      • Breakfast
      • All-day game drive
      • Bush lunch
      • Dinner

      Included: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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      DAY 5

      Spend the afternoon on safari, en-route to our unique underground blind at Stoffie's Pan, where you will enjoy a bush lunch, and be at ground level enjoying the wildlife that comes to this unique watering hole.  

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      Visit Ngyunyana Village, Ngamo School, and engage in PLAY for LITERACY

      DAY 6

      Embark on a visit to engage with local community at Ngunyana Village, where you will meet the school kids and enjoy an early morning walk through the villages with the children to Ngamo school arriving in time to watch their assembly.  Following that a singing performance by some of the children followed by a class interaction where children have an opportunity to meet guests and vice versa. 

      The visit culminates where children and guests will have the opportunity to engage in our "Play For Literacy" cultural exchange program that includes peer reading and mentoring for local youth to engage, followed by a soccer game

      Then later in the afternoon, embark on a game drive and walk in Hwange National Park’s acacia forests surrounding Ngamo Plains, escorted by a fully licensed and experienced guide, who will share his knowledge and love of the bush with you.


      Activities Include:

      • Morning/Afternoon Game Drives
      • Opportunity to Immerse and Serve with local community village and school

      Included: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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      SAFARI! Zambezi National Park

      DAY 7

      Head out after coffee or tea, for an early morning walk to experience southern Hwange on foot before returning to the lodge for a hearty brunch. After brunch you will board the once you'll board the one-of-a-kind Elephant Express railcar for a unique and fun game viewing experience up to Dete Station. Upon arrival, transfer by road to Zambezi Sands River Camp on the banks of the thundering wild waters of the Zambezi River, inside Zambezi National Park.



      • Walking Safari before Brunch
      • Depart to catch the Elephant Express Rail for wildlife viewing up to Dete
      • Arrive at Dete and transfer to Zambezi Sands River Camp

      Included: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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      DAY 7 - 9

      Upon arriving at Zambezi Sands River Camp, spend the afternoon enjoying lunch on the main lodge deck while the mighty Zambezi rushes past. Afterward head out on a game drive, stopping off at a scenic spot to watch the sunset.  Then enjoy a night drive back to lodge for dinner, before retiring to your tent!



      • Lunch follows by a late Afternoon Game Drives
      • Dinner
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      DAY 8

      Today we head out on several explorations of the Zambezi River and National Park.  First, we head off in a canoe to explore the Siansimba Islands around the lodge followed by a sumptuous bush brunch served on the river's edge.  Then after returning to the lodge for a siesta and then a late lunch, we embark on an afternoon game drive and walk. We return to camp in the evening for a sunset 'drift' on the water with refreshments and snacks before dinner in the main lodge area

      Activities include:

      • Morning raft safari 
      • Brunch in the bush
      • Lunch 
      • Afternoon Game Drive 
      • Sundowners on the Zambezi River
      • Dinner

      Included: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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      DAY 9

      A full day of adventure at your leisure, you choose from several activities to participate in! See below for options: 

      • Start the day with a tasty early morning breakfast and then pack a day pack for your morning trip into Victoria Falls town for optional activities like bungee jumping, Gorge swing, river rafting the Zambezi, visiting the crocodile farm or returning to the Painted Dog Research Trust (all at additional cost).
      • Game drives in the Zambezi NP
      • Walking safari in the Zambezi NP
      • Canoeing the Zambezi
      • Enjoy spa service your in-room or out in the bush
      • Simply relaxing on your massive deck or in your private plunge pool overlooking the Zambezi River!

      Included: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

      Later in the afternoon, enjoy a game drive inside the park stopping along the river banks for to watch the unsurpassed beauty of a Zimbabwean sunset.

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      DAY 10

      Enjoy your last morning sipping tea or coffee on your private deck as the sun rises over the river and the mist settles, and then breakfast on the main lodge deck, taking in the sights and sounds of your Zimbabwean safari one last time before your road transfer to Victoria Falls Airport to catch your departing flight!

      Included: Breakfast

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      DAY 11

      Enjoy this podcast featuring Global Family Travels, CEO & Founder, Jennifer Spatz.

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